Become a Member!

All Sailing Center memberships (except private memberships) include use of select sailboats and sailboards at no extra cost. In the interest of safety, everyone who purchases a membership is required to pass a proficiency test to earn a NU Skippers rating. Additional ratings and/or fees are required for use of Club 420’s, Hobie Cats, and high-end Windsurfing boards and sails.

If you earned a NU Skippers rating in a previous year, you may be exempt from taking the proficiency exam. Weather conditions dictate which NU Skippers rating is required to take out boats or windsurfing boards.

For your safety, the Sailing Center reserves the right to close or limit access due to inclement weather. Personal flotation devices are included and are required on all watercraft launched from our facility. Members are required to follow Sailing Center policies and procedures at all times or risk forfeiture of membership privileges.


  1-Month Student:$190 Affiliate:$240 Public:$280
  2-Month Student:$310 Affiliate:$390 Public:$450
  Seasonal Student:$400 Affiliate:$500 Public:$550

Call 847.491.4142 with any questions. Sailing Gallery  Windsurfing Gallery