Learn to Windsurf – Adult Windsurfing Classes

Develop basic windsurfing skills and nomenclature, rules of right of way, safety practices, and rigging/de-rigging procedures.

The class uses RRD Easyride Softskin, JP Australia Explorer and BIC Beach 225D boards. Sails range from 3.0m2 to 5.5m2 and include RRD Easyride MKIV and Chinook Power Glide.

All adult windsurfing classes meet twice a week for two weeks. Every person taking an Adult class will be given a free one month membership.

Class schedules are subject to change according to demand. The Sailing Center reserves the right to cancel one class session per course due to inclement weather without scheduling a makeup session.


Student:$260 Affiliate:$280 Public:$310

Enroll online or call 847.491.4142 to register. Gallery

Adult Private Windsurfing Lessons

Private lessons offer one-on-one instruction for windsurfers of all levels who would like to improve windsurfing skills and techniques. Private lessons are taught on skill-appropriate boards and sails.


Student:$70/hr Affiliate:$75/hr Public:$80/hr

Call 847.491.4142 to schedule.